With the ever-changing socio-economic structures of our human society, the living and working spaces through the last few centuries have seen many iconic innovations. Past few decades of the technological boom marked the emergence of an all new way of living, us carving our place in history as the creative & innovative generation, creating spaces of excellence where efficiency is embedded in the living spaces and expressed with beauty relevant to the people who are the end beneficiaries.

Engineered wood is one such innovation, even though has been around for more than a century, its varied forms and usage has been growing by numbers. Wooden panels, be it plywood, particle board or fibreboard, has carved its own niche in the construction and furniture markets. Similarly, Xylonetics with its subsidiary firms spread across the globe, is carving its niche in the wood panel industry with its unmatched quality and sustainable approach.

About Xylonetics SA

Based in the global business hub, Geneva, Xylonetics SA, the holding company of Xylosuisse, has been in business for more than 20 years. With a strong legacy of working in the wood industry for more than 60 years, the family-owned company has subsidiaries across the globe with a workforce of more than 1200 employees worldwide. Trading and manufacturing of woodwork, panelling and related aspects of the industry are prime focus areas.

Located in the peace capital Geneva, home to the largest number of international organisations, Xylonetics is in a vantage position to connect with reputed holding companies from across the world, ensuring quality in every aspect of business.



Uncompromised policy for quality standards from raw material till delivery


A legacy of work ethics with commitment to serve the society etched in every dimension of our product and service


Highly attuned to the customer needs and committed to deliver nothing short of happiness and value to our customers



High utility value

Wide range of usage

Sturdy and versatile




The global engineered wood market is poised to scale significant highs with international agencies predicting an exponential compound annual growth rate in the coming years. Post the pandemic that disrupted supply chains across the world, the industry got a fresh lease of life with new projects and several stalled initiatives being re-started in the private, commercial and government sectors. With years of experience producing different wood products across the globe, Xylonetics has been growing stronger through all the world’s ups and downs, while staying loyal to all our customers.


MDF boards
Particle boards
HDF boards
Laminated boards

Xylosuisse Russia


Xylosuisse LLC, the Russian subsidiary of Xylonetics, set up in 2017, fabricates an expansive range of chipboard products for the furniture sector and interior design ventures. The company also undertakes customised chipboard projects. Focused on ensuring the best quality for consumers, the company endeavours to improve processes for enhanced cost-effectiveness.

With the modern production facilities spread over several acres in Russia’s Shatura district, Xylosuisse Russia provides customers with an extensive range of tailor-made chipboard products.

One of the key mission statements of all Xylonetics subsidiaries is commitment to uncompromising work ethics. Xylosuisse Russia complies with all statutory requirements, and observes strict internal guidelines on business activities and partner relationships.

Leading supplier to one of the most famous furniture factory in Russia/CIS, Shatura Mebel furniture and supplying boards to various large furniture companies in CIS like HOFF , ERA , Eurodesign, Smolensk meble, Leroy Merlin (one of the biggest home supplies and furniture in France), Shatura Mebel, Comfort Peter, Castorama, BTS and many more..

Xylosuisse Azerbaijan

“Xylosuisse AZ” is leading in the field of components for the furniture and building industry, particularly wood decorative laminates (HPL and CPL), particle boards, MDF panels coated with melamine.

Our professional team of “Xylosuisse” has a long-established experience in planning and selecting best materials, creating most efficient processes in order to reach maximum performance possible of your furniture production in small or medium scale.

Xylosuisse goal is to provide customers with a high quality material and service according to a defined budget of our clients locally from our Baku warehouse.

Xylosuisse India


Xylosuisse is poised to enter the country at a time when India is one of the largest markets for wood panels in the region, and growing annually – with increasing government and private enterprise.

Xylosuisse is all set to launch its India presence with a state-of-the art MDF manufacturing unit installed with the finest machinery from Dieffenbacher, Germany. The MDF quality assured is world-class, highly durable and may be customised for use in a variety of ways from bespoke interior projects to large corporate and industrial set-ups.   

Xylosuisse Pvt Ltd promises excellent competitive quality and cost, a wide range, and high work ethics – the hallmark of Xylonetics worldwide.


We continuously strive to expand to new horizons to establish markets across the globe for our products. Ensuring the steady and seamless flow of trade across the globe, Xylonetics also runs many distribution offices and has partners in Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Dubai, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Armenia. 

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